Wild moment huge 'drunken' brawl erupts in in Carnival Cruise food court (2024)

Wild moment huge 'drunken' brawl erupts in in Carnival Cruise food court (1)

A viral video from TikTok shows a group of women brawling in a cruise ship's dining room. (Image: YouTube / @nickr5777)

A viral video captured the moment a wild brawl erupted aboard a Carnival Cruise ship.

The nearly seven-minute video shows a group of several women throwing chairs across a dining room, throwing punches and dragging each other to the ground as they shout expletives and threats.

The incident, which took place last month on the Carnival Paradise cruise ship during the last night of a five-day cruise to Central America, was posted to TikTok and garnered over 4,000 views, Express US reports.

Nick Richardson, a 43-year-old traveler who caught the video on camera and posted it on YouTube and TikTok, said he had went to the cruise ship's dining hall - where the fighting took place - to get some pizza.

"I just want some pizza!" Richardson can be heard saying in the video amid the chaotic fight.

Near the end of the video, security guards entered the dining and intervened to try and pull the brawling women apart, but their attempts were of little to no avail as the women continue to yell and throw punches at each other.

Even when the women were separated, the end of the video shows the damage, including broken plates and furniture spread across the dining room.

"I’m like, 'It’s definitely gonna go down.' It’s why I got it on video," Richardson told the New York Post.

"Those girls were already set on what they were gonna do. It just got out of hand very, very quickly. And that’s how it happens. You’re just drinking too much.”

NEW: Wild fight breaks out on a Carnival cruise ship to Central America at 3am after "a bunch of drunk girls from Tampa" had a disagreement.

This narrator did a tremendous job.

43-year-old passenger Nick Richardson said he was going to get some pizza when he walked into a… pic.twitter.com/Vp9HSRnkoh

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) July 3, 2024

The video started off several women getting in a heated argument with each other.

But it then turned into a brawl when one of the women began grabbing a chair and chucking it at the other group inside the ship's dining room, as Richardson can be heard saying "Welcome to the mother------- cruise!"

Some of the women are then seen grabbing each other and pulling one another's hair before slamming each other to the floor.

At one point in the video, one of the women appear to dash to Richardson, who quickly backs away as he wishes to avoid getting caught up in the chaos.

Richardson can be heard saying throughout the brawl that he just wanted some pizza, and even attempts to de-escalate the situation by jokingly saying, "Let’s all get some pizza."

As a security team arrived and tried to separate the brawling women, Richardson then said: "The last night too, had to ruin it for everybody. Welcome to America."

The video has since been removed from his TikTok page.

Wild moment huge 'drunken' brawl erupts in in Carnival Cruise food court (3)

Nick Richardson, the man who filmed the brawl, said he wanted some pizza as he watched the chaos. (Image: YouTube / @nickr5777)

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A spokesperson for the Carnival Cruise Line confirmed the incident - which took place on June 6 - and said that the ship’s "security team intervened in an incident."

Authorities did not immediately specify what ignited the fistfight.

"As is our policy, we will not tolerate such behavior and the guests involved were fined and will not sail on Carnival Cruise Line again," the spokesperson said.

The company said on its website that guests "must acknowledge and commit" to its code of conduct, adding that anyone who violates it could be fined $500 with a possible removal from the ship.

The fight took place on the Carnival Paradise, which was returning to the Port of Tampa in Florida the last night of the five-day round-trip to Central America.

The Carnival Paradise is a cruise ship that has a capacity of 2,052 passengers and mainly travels from Tampa to the Bahamas or Central American countries, including Mexico and Honduras, according to CruiseMapper.

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Wild moment huge 'drunken' brawl erupts in in Carnival Cruise food court (2024)
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