Colorado (CO) Lottery - Winning Numbers & Results (2024)

Colorado Lottery COVID-19 update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, operating hours for Colorado Lottery offices and the claiming process may change at any time. While we are continually monitoring the latest updates provided by the lottery operators, we recommend that you contact your local lottery office to get the most up-to-date information before claiming a prize. We appreciate your patience during this time.


Game NamePrize TypeNumbers
Pick 3 MiddayTop Prize3 from 0-9
Pick 3 EveningTop Prize3 from 0-9
Cash 5Top Prize5 from 1-32
Colorado Lotto+Jackpot6 from 1-40
PowerballJackpot5 from 1-69 + 1 from 1-26
Mega MillionsJackpot5 from 1-70 + 1 from 1-25
Lucky for LifeTop Prize5 from 1-48 + 1 from 1-18

Game schedule

Advanced draws

GameAdvanced Draws
Pick 3 Middayup to 28
Pick 3 Eveningup to 28
Cash 5up to 91
Colorado Lotto+up to 26
Powerballup to 26
Mega Millionsup to 26
Lucky for Lifeup to 26

Claiming prizes

Here's the process for claiming Colorado Lottery prizes.

To claim your prize in person at a Colorado Lottery claim center, call (800) 999-2959 to make an appointment.

To claim a prize by mail, send the signed winning ticket and a completed claim form to:

Colorado Lottery
P.O. BOX 7
Pueblo, CO 81002

Keep a copy of all claim documents for your records.

To claim your prize online, fill out the online claiming form available on the Colorado Lottery website.

Options for claiming

$599 or lessOption 1 Claim at any local retailer.
Option 2 Claim by mail.
$600 or moreOption 1 Claim at any Colorado Lottery claim center.
Option 2 Claim by mail.
Option 3 Claim online.

Claim centers

Tax information

The Colorado Lottery withholds a percentage of certain prizes for tax purposes.

Colorado Lottery tax withholdings on winnings for U.S. citizens or residents with a Social Security number
Over $5,000State Tax4%
Federal Tax24%
Total: 28%
Colorado Lottery tax withholdings on winnings for non-U.S. citizens or non-residents
Over $5,000State Tax4%
Federal Tax30%
Total: 34%

About the Colorado Lottery

The Colorado Lottery started in 1983 and the first draw took place on April 23. The lottery is a self-funded organization, and funds its operations solely from its business revenue. The Colorado Lottery allocates funds from ticket sales toward improving the state's recreation facilities and protecting wilderness.



(800) 999-2959

Postal address

Colorado Lottery Headquarters: 225 N Main Street, Pueblo, CO 81003


Lost tickets cannot be replaced. Sign the back of the ticket and fill out your address so that no one else can use it. Prizes can't be claimed unless the winning ticket is presented.

If you win a prize, your first name and the initials of your last name will be published on the Colorado Lottery website. You have a choice of getting your photo taken.

The Colorado Lottery does not recognize trusts, partnerships, or corporations as winners of lottery prizes. Only individuals can claim lottery prizes.

No. You can only legally purchase Colorado Lottery tickets at state sales terminals. The Colorado Lottery does not offer an online or mail-in subscription service.

Players must be 18 or older to play the lottery. However, you can purchase tickets as gifts for people under 18. If they win, they can claim their prize.

Colorado Lottery ticket profits are distributed to prizes as well as conservation and recreation services, including Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Great Outdoors Colorado (with spillover funds going to the Building Excellent Schools Today program), and the Conservation Trust Fund.

Players choose from Lucky for Life, Cash 5, Colorado Lotto+, Pick 3, Mega Millions, and Powerball.

The Colorado Lottery gives winners 180 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes.

Lottery winnings in Colorado are subject to both state and federal taxes. Check our Tax Information section for more details.

Yes, you can purchase tickets in advance for consecutive draws by using the Advance Play option through registered retailers.

Check the Advance Play box on your play slip and tell the retailer how many draws you'd like to play.

Use the following links to find results for the day you are looking for:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Got any more questions about the Colorado Lottery?

Visit our , and we'd love to help you out.

Colorado (CO) Lottery - Winning Numbers & Results (2024)
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